NanoPix 1440HP / 2880HP

NanoPix LED-Ramps impress with their broad range of performance in their use in theaters, on events and in the studio. The high-quality LED softlight ramps can be individually combined and can be seamlessly connected to one another.

In the long term, it is recommended to replace conventional fluorescent tube ramps (RGBW) with softlight ramps. The facts speak for this: The linear design integrates extremely small micro LED modules in red, green, blue, warm white and cold white. The high packing density and the narrow arrangement of a total of 2880 and 1440 LedPixels, respectively, enable an absolutely uniform light distribution with an exit angle of 150 degrees. The result: a large selection of color nuances in the entire spectrum. The high CRI of over 93, a continuously adjustable color temperature from 2700K to 9000K and an output of up to 16,000 lumens are among other important features. A high-quality housing with integrated OLED display for control and a power / data plug system for the seamless connection of the individual ramps complete the NanoPix LED ramp.


Short Instruction 1440

Short Manual 2880