NanoPixSlim 1200 at Akademietheater


The production "The World at your back"  by Thomas Melle premiered on 11 March 2017 at the Vienna Akademietheater.

Thomas Melle was born in Bonn in 1975 and studied applied literary studies and philosophy in Tübingen, Austin, Texas and Berlin. He is an award-winning author of plays, stories and novels. His 2012 debut novel "Sickster" was also nominated for the German Book Prize. Thomas Melle received the Berlin Arts Prize, awarded by the city in which he lives.

The cocoon is the work of the stage designer Stéphane Laimé. NanoPixSlim 1200 put the cocoon and the actors playing in it optimally in scene. The interior is illuminated homogeneously. The installation is surrounded by a space of about 10cm. This serves to uniformly illuminate the outer skin with NanoPixSlim 1200 from the inside. Thus, the steel construction is not recognizable from the outside.


Regie: Jan Bosse
Bühne: Stéphane Laimé
Kostüme: Kathrin Plath
Musik: Arno Kraehahn
Licht: Peter Bandl
Dramaturgie: Gabriella Bußacker
Photocredit: Reinhard Werner / Burgtheater

used products:

Slim 1200

Slim 1200