NanoPix Slim FR 1440

The extremely slim design of the NanoPix Slim FR1440 makes the LED footlight almost invisible to the audience. Whether in the theater, at events or in the studio - with only three centimeters in height, the Softlight ramps ensure a uniform light distribution at the stage front edge.

The slim design integrates 1440 micro-LED devices in red, green, blue, warm white and cold white. The footrests can also be individually equipped. Both the light intensity and the color temperature (2700-9000 K) can be adjusted continuously - and the light exit angle can be limited by a fixed mounted shutter on the upper side. Despite the flat design, the power supply is also housed in the housing and the power / data plug system also allows many ramps to be connected seamlessly with a multicore input cable.

Another special highlight is the SafetyLight mode: a function which is used for safety on stages and is used in "black" mood. In the process, actors also see in the dark where the stage's front edge is - and the danger that someone falls from the stage is thus decisively minimized.

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