BlueLite G4

The new LDDE BlueLite G4® use the 2.4GHz. band with Adaptive Frequency Hopping automatically avoids frequencies that are already in use.

BlueLite G4® is an extremely reliable system developed for professional applications in touring, architecture and theatres. BlueLite G4® is applied in situations where cables are difficult or too costly to install and complex cabling needs to be avoided.

Through the use of modern wireless technology, in combination with high–quality workmanship, this wireless–generation offers maximum reliability for wireless transmission of the DMX512 signal up to distances of 500 m.

BlueLite G4® can be used as a point-to-point and as a multi-point transmissionsystem. Additionally, every wireless system has an integrated 12 VDC input for an external power-supply through an accumulator or batteries.



product number: 29985011230 & 29985011231