NanoPix Slim FR 1440

footlight less than 2,5" (5,75cm) high !!!

R/G/B/WW/CW 2700–9000 K


The slim design and power of more than 1.400 LED's makes the NanoPix Slim FR1440 unbeatable as a footlight on the forestage. The fixture is less than 2.5" (5,75 cm) high and doesn't block the audience view. Singers, dancers and actors can stand very close (4" / 10 cm) to the fixture and will be in perfect light, without any hotspots. The solid alloy housing is made for professional use. Perfect steppless dimming and a passive cooling system without any noise are making the instrument perfect in use.

An adjustable shutter blade can limit the beam angle on top. If there is the need to limit the beam angle to the floor side we can support you with an extra accessory, (See the photos below)

It is possible to mount a row of instruments without any additional connection cables and without any gap ! That looks absolut propper and clean !

An additional highlight is a programmable safety light function. During a "black out" a few of the red, blue or green LED's still remain on low level, invisible for the audience. This safety light function marks the limit of the forestage for singers, dancers and actors and prevents accidental falls.

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