The SpectraDim64 has been specially developed for the control of RGBW and W stripes with 12 to 48 VDC. The compact LED dimmer, produced in Austria, offers six output circuits, which can be operated independently of each other via DMX512. Each output has an output of up to 8A.

The SpectraDim64 has three different operating modes with an addressing of 901-912 and can be set to 1-circle to 12-circle. Own LED drivers and the integrated soc® software guarantee the highest degree of selective control of the LED amplifiers with a very high efficiency and extremely high resolution.

The HDTV-capable SpectraDim64 is characterized by its robust aluminum housing and convinces with its installation and maintenance-friendliness - both as a BCD version and as a remote version for fixed installation.

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Produktnummer: 20050310816