SpectraConnecT5 LED

Its four interchangeable LED tubes integrated into the aluminum housing achieve a luminance of up to 4000 lumens per tube and guarantee a balanced light distribution. The luminaire is equipped with RGB colors and the color temperature 4000 K white as standard. If desired, the SpectraConnecT5 LED can also be equipped with white LED tubes in the color temperatures 2700 K and 6000 K as well as with various special colors (eg pink or UV light). In addition, the luminaire is characterized by a high degree of selective control quality in the entire range from 0 to 100%. Individual units can optionally be connected to one another via integrated standard or bayonet plug connections and allow a very rapid build-up.

Tip: For even higher performance and color saturation, use the SpectraConnecT5 upgrade from fluorescent to LED!


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Produktnummer: 20050311817